E-learning and its benefits for the learners

When the learner switch to e-learning, there is always reasons. Actually, we can say that he…


  • Doesn’t have the time

Time passing is like a scourge in our society! When you’re overrun in your professional life and your personal life, you don’t have a lot of time to give to train on a new skill. You can now just count on the travelling times, your little breaks. This leaves a tiny window for training.

  • Can’t move everywhere 

The in-class trainings take place at a specific time in a specific place. Sometimes, we can’t go to these classes (even if they seem interesting) : an impediment, a place too far away from you, … Little disadvantages that keep us away from learning in a traditional way.

  • Doesn’t want

Sometimes, the desire to learn new things goes away. We say to ourselves “I’m gonna do it next week for sure!” but procrastitation is back the week after. We postpone and postpone again and then we don’t do anything.

To that, e-learning aswers perfectly to the demand in several points, provided that the e-learning solutions fills up a lot of craterias!

  • The learner manages his time

When a person wants to train via e-learning, there is no time constraint. The learner can learn on his own pace without any pressure. But why? Because, when you give a chance to e-learning trainings, the solution is available 24/7.  A hole in your schedule? Off you go! 10 minutes of e-learning to learn a lot on a new subject.

  • The learner doesn’t have to moove to learn anymore

We can also say that this is not the learner who mooves but the e-learning solution that mooves with him. Its mobility makes it so accessible. If the e-learning is available on more than 1 device, That’s all there is to it! No need to take your car, your bike or public transports for the learner and no need to organize a class for a special training for the company.

  • The learner motivates himself

No time or place constraints. In such circumstances, indeed, why should we hold back?The learner is less resistant when he sees the training like a hobby which fills the little holes in his day.

At Tocosk, we understood the intentions of the learners when they begin to care about e-learning. The goal here is to simplify the learner’s life but also to learn WELL according to HIS level and his needs in the real softwares. Don’t hesitate to check it out on : www.tocosk.com.


3 tips for an appealing e-learning method

Today, 90% of the companies use e-learning. However, the satisfaction rates are unknown. Considering the actual diversity of e-learning platforms, you have to make the difference. But how can you prove your originality, how to be chosen, and how to be preferred by companies?


I short, you have to be APPEALING. There are many ways to do that. We are going to discuss them in this article.

  • Think “user-centered”!

For an a-learning platforms, being appealing is considering the user like the major actor of the training. He is going to spend time behind his computer with the desire to learn regarding his needs.

First of all, the training has to be adapted to each learners : to his rhythm, to his skills, to his learning speed. A test has to be done before the beginning  of the training. It is essential to set the context regarding what he already knows.

Then, the method has to be accessible by various forms (Cloud & plugg-in for example) to extend the training’s possibilities. If the platform only works on the Internet, the risks of surrender will increase.

Lastly, each learner should benefit from a personalized help. A simple FAQs is not enough because each problems is unique and it exists a lot of solutions. The idea of a chat 27/7 seems to be the better way to help the user.

  • Think design!

Being attractive is mostly about design! Nothing is better than a careful presentation and an intuitive one.

The learning is going to spend time on the platform. So, we have to make his trip a pleasant one: good design, soft colors, readable and simple fonts. The whole thing has to be coherent, has to give the desire to come back again. For example, in the colors symbolism, orange is the most adapted for an e-learning platform. It’s a stimulating color and calm at the same time.

When we think about design, we can easily be ”too much”: lots of visuals, fonts… However, exaggerating the design aspect is not the good solution. You better have to be simple and understood by the learner instead of being too complicated and annoyed the learner.

The intuitive side is a major element of the e-learning method. The ergonomy of the platform is here to help the learner during the training.

  • Think gamification !

The gamification of e-learning platforms is a growing phenomenon. First of all, the trainings really need to be more fun! And it is not that difficult to do: congratulate the learner if he successes, give virtual awards, create secret levels/exercises,… It gives more challenge, more motivation.

Gamification can also have a storytelling aspect. Gamification facilitates the training by creating a strong and nice universe. We can tell a story though exercises: so that the learner can be more motivated because he will want to know the end of the story.

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